Monday Night Season 24

SEASON 24: 2017-18

October 16, 2017
In the Beginning…

Cat Town by Nara Dahlbacka, directed by Lisa Marie Rollins
Spiskammers by Rob Dario, directed by Jim Kleinmann
Anna Considers a Cocktail by Ruben Grijalva, directed by Emilie Talbot 
Every Beginning by Genevieve Jessee, directed by Jon Tracy
Fresh Squeezed Please by Melissa Keith, directed by Margo Hall
Where to Begin? By Maury Zeff, directed by Molly Noble

 November 20, 2017
Reap What You Sow

Living Conditions by Lauren Gorski, directed by Norman Gee
Reap Your Children Well by Karen T. Hartline, directed by Rebecca Novick
After The Rain by Genevieve Jessee, directed by Emilie Talbot
From Little Acorns by Melissa Keith, directed by Doyle Ott
And Yet by Erin Marie Panttaja, directed by Joy Carlin
CVS Break Room During Her Break by Jon Tracy, directed by Jim Kleinmann

– People’s Choice Award winner