Monday Night PlayGround
S.T.E.M. Night
January 16, 2017 at 8pm
performing at Berkeley Repertory Theatre


There will be a free pre-show panel discussion with several of the playwrights at 7:10pm on January 16.

Additional background material on this month's topic.

Intro to Virology/Viruses
1. Wiki Article
2. Various applications of viruses

Pandemics/Viral Diseases
1. Figuring out the next potential pandemic
2. Zika
3. Scientists “crack” atomic structure HIV’s intasome (plus great details about how retroviruses work)

Nanotechnology + Viral Medicine
1. New nanotech that “traps viruses”
2. Designing Synthetic Viruses
3. Virotherapy in treating cancer

Viral Ideas (spread through Tech)
1. Viral memes in election year

Viruses and Human Evolution