In 2002, PlayGround launched its first full-length play commissioning programs, the June Anne Baker Prize and the PlayGround Fellowship. The June Anne Baker Prize, established by PlayGround supporter John H. Gilman in memory of his late wife, honors the top female playwright each year, representing a gifted new comedic or political voice for the stage, and includes a full-length play commission. The PlayGround Fellowship honors a distinguished PlayGround alumnus and also includes a full-length play commission. PlayGround additionally awards Alumni Commissions to previously commissioned PlayGround playwrights.

See our commissions, Bright Shining Sea by Julianne Jigour and Scapegoat by William Bivins,  in production at the PlayGround Festival of New Works.

June Anne Baker Prize

2018: Erin Marie Panttaja
2017: Genevieve Jessee
2016: Karen Macklin
2015: Rachel Bublitz
2014: Patricia Cotter
2013: Amy Sass
2012: Robin Lynn Rodriguez
2011: Mandy Hodge Rizvi
2010: Diane Sampson
2009: Erin Marie Bregman
2008: Lauren Yee
2007: Evelyn Pine
2006: Brady Lea
2005: Geetha Reddy
2004: Maria Rokas
2003: Martha Soukup
2002: Kristina Goodnight

PlayGround Fellowship

2017: Maury Zeff
2016: Kirk Shimano
2015: Steven Westdahl, Davern Wright
2014: William Bivins, Victoria Chong Der
2013: Ruben Grijalva, Jonathan Spector
2012: Crish Barth, Ignacio Zulueta
2011: Jonathan Luskin, Katie May
2010: Cass Brayton, Malachy Walsh
2009: Tim Bauer, Ken Slattery
2008: Daniel Heath
2007: Molly Rhodes
2006: Tom Swift
2005: Aaron Loeb
2004: Kenn Rabin
2003: Trevor Allen
2002: Garret Jon Groenveld

Alumni Commissions

2012: Cass Brayton, Garret Jon Groenveld, Katie May, Diane Sampson
2011: Daniel Heath, Evelyn Jean Pine, Ken Slattery
2010: Erin Bregman, Geetha Reddy, Tom Swift
2009: Trevor Allen, Daniel Heath, Brady Lea
2008: Trevor Allen, Brady Lea, Evelyn Jean Pine
2007: Garret Jon Groenveld, Geetha Reddy, Martha Soukup
2006: Garret Jon Groenveld, Aaron Loeb, Geetha Reddy